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Update 6/1/20: After at least 20 annoying robocalls today, we shut off incoming phone calls except from friends and family. Please e-mail. Thanks!

NEW BOOK NOW SHIPPING! Your Mother Should Know: From Liverpool to Los Angeles by Angie McCartney (Paul's step-mum) is available! Buy now and save! List price is 29.95; first printing sale price is 40% off, or only $18 (plus shipping and sales tax if applicable). International customers - the most cost and time way we have found to ship is via eBay shipping; here's a LINK. This book is also available on Amazon, including the Kindle.

The Business of Negotiation is now in stock! Order your copy today!

Brian Hagen has developed an excellent video series to accompany Problem, Risk, and Opportunity Enterprise Management. Highly Recommended!

Web Sale: 25% Off! We published a new book August 20, 2018: Problem, Risk, and Opportunity Enterprise Management by Brian Hagen, PhD. Subtitle: How to use language, data, information, and analytics that easily align with the ways we think.

Special Sale: We have slightly damaged books returned from boosktores for Leach. See product pages for details.

Web Sale! Game Theory for Business by Paul Papayoanou is on sale for 1/3 off! List price is $29.95. Sale price: $20!

Web Sale! Project Risk Quantification by John Hollmann is shipping. Order and receive a 33% discount!

International buyers: eBay shipping is the most cost-effective way that we have to ship. Mail is expensive and is less reliable. We can ship DHL; they are reliable but they are expensive.

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Our Purpose

Probabilistic Publishing's mission is to publish significant decision and risk analysis books and keep these books in print so that key publications are available for managers, executives, students, faculty members, and decision analysis professionals. We have deliberately kept our prices low so that students, employees, and small business owners can reasonably afford them. This is truly a labor of love for us, as we have found decision analysis to be a compelling and useful set of tools and have enjoyed working within the "DA" community.


If you are a student, faculty member, and/or hold membership in AACE, INFORMS, DAAG, DAS, or if you are a Crystal Ball or @Risk user, we can offer your a discount on any of our products.

We also offer quantity discounts - please contact us for more information.


We ported Pat Leach's Number? over to the Kindle several years ago and were disappointed with the sales. However, in December, 2010, sales of the electronic book format started to increase. We were able to publish Paul Papayoanou's Game Theory on both iPad and Kindle formats and moved Number to the iPad. At the same time, we lowered the eBook price to $9.95, and eSales have done very well. We also published Creating a Culture of Profitability on both Kindle and iBookstore.

We haven't ported Skinner or Winkler or Hollmann, though, as (1) we've had no requests for eBook format for these important DA texts, and (2) students and practitioners we've talked with have told us that they prefer the traditional format for books like these.

We have not ported either Number or Game Theory to the "Nook" though, as none of our customers have expressed interest in this. However, if you prefer that format, please let us know and we'll consider it. Also, note that there is a free Kindle app for the iPad, so those of you who switch from Kindle to iPad can still access your books.

Thank you, Nancy Winchester, for your excellent editing suggestions for our new website!