Future Projects

Analytica® Spellbook for Modeling Wizards by Rob Brown

Rob Brown is one of the world's foremost experts in modeling using Lumina’s Analytica® software package. Rob presents a general treatment of mathematical modeling and then, using practical examples, demonstrates how a wide variety of problems can be solved. Included with the book is a CD with examples and Mr. Brown’s extensive collection of useful functions. Mr. Brown is about 50% complete with the text for this book, so we're not sure what the timing on this exciting project will be (so check back here for updates)!

Decision Theory: An Introduction to the Mathematics of Rationality, Second Edition,
by Simon French

Dr. French wrote this very interesting book which was published in 1986. The book is out of print and very difficult to find. Our plan is to make this book available in eBook format and in print. We're updating the graphics and content and Dr. French is adding "Perspectives" to each chapter to discuss how his thinking has evolved since writing the first edition. (The cover shown is from the first edition and we will be updating the cover as well.) If you have interest in reviewing an advance copy of this book, please let me know.

Simon French

If I Knew The Answer, Why Would I Tell You? by Frank Koch

Dr. Koch is enjoying his retirement from Chevron but has been very busy consulting, writing, and taking extended sail boat cruises. His book will focus on DA facilitation and will draw on his long and successful career at Chevron. Frank is also one of the founding "tribal elders" of DAAG and is active in INFORMS. We're expecting this to be another "airplane" book, along the lines of Game Theory and Number?. Frank has completed his outline and if you all could encourage him to get writing, it would be much appreciated! Our plan is to make this book available in eBook format and in print.

Building Bridges by Olen Baker

This book is a departure from our usual DA theme. Olen Baker is a Christian counselor who has been presenting devotionals on Houston radio station KHCB for years. He has kept copies of the text from these devotionals, and we're planning on publishing them. Probabilistic is the rate-limiting step with this project. We have not decided whether we're going to combine these devotionals into specific topics or present them as daily devotionals (but are leaning towards the former). Building Bridges deals with a wide range of topics, where Mr. Baker draws extensively on his counseling experience and his knowledge of Biblical principles. Our plan is to make this book available in eBook format and in print.

Why Can't You Just Give Me a System that Works? by Chris Spivey

This books is designed to be another "airplane" book - easy to read, clear, compelling, and small enough that it is easy to carry. Chris is about 50% complete with the manuscript but keeps getting distracted by his thriving consulting business. He also leads a Christian coaching group designed for helping people learn how to sell. Our plan is to make this book available in eBook format and in print.

Decision Analysis and Behavioral Research, 2nd Edition by Detlof von Winterfeldt and Ward Edwards

We started this project several years ago. Unfortunately Dr. Edwards passed away and Dr. von Winterfeldt has been too busy to work on this. We're hoping that Dr. von Winterfeldt's schedule will ease up and we can complete this one. This text is one of the most cited books out there and it is one of the foundational DA works, so we really want to finish it. This book would be in print format only, as it is too long and complex for eBook publication.

Ward Edwards