John Hollmann, author of Project Risk Quantification

A Practitioner's Guide to Realistic Cost and Schedule Risk Management


John K. Hollmann PE CCP CEP DRMP is the owner of Validation Estimating, LLC, which he founded in 2005. He works with capital program senior managers and project leaders to improve practices in Cost Engineering; particularly for cost estimating, project control and cost and schedule risk quantification. John regularly reviews major project cost estimates and conducts risk analyses in support of investment decision making for oil and gas, refining, chemicals, pipeline, mining, metals, power generation and transmission as well as other process industry projects.

Mr. Hollmann is a frequent speaker at international conferences, has written numerous papers, contributed to several books and was the lead author of the landmark AACE International (AACE) text; the Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework. John served on the AACE Board and is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of AACE and recipient of their highest award at the time-the Award of Merit. He also conceived and led the development of the AACE Decision and Risk Management Professional certification. He has also served on the Board of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC).

Prior to founding Validation Estimating, Mr. Hollmann led the Cost Engineering Committee (CEC) metrics and research efforts at the benchmarking firm Independent Project Analysis, Inc. He was a senior estimator at Eastman Kodak, a senior project control engineer at Fluor and a principal mine planning engineering before that. John has a BS in Mining Engineering from Penn State and an MBA degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a registered Professional Engineer Mining Engineer, and, via AACE, a Certified Cost Professional, a Cost Estimating Professional and Decision and Risk Management Professional.

John Hollmann